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Tips for BCS Preliminary Candidates!

Dear BCS Preliminary Candidates!
1. Good to see you here as you’re not that much worried about tomorrow’s exam! Trust me, not always Facebooking is that much bad.
2. It’s not the right time to keep on reading, no matter you’re well-prepared or zero-prepared! The best option is, just have a blank head with almost nothing left! Preparation is what you’re left with after forgetting everything you’ve read.
3. A good score is much more important than a good preparation. Only your results are rewarded, not your efforts.
4. What’s your movie choice for this beautiful evening? Why not 3 Idiots once again? Come on! What’s wrong with Tom & Jerry or Mr Bean? They still rock and will rock always!
5. I used to become a philosopher on the day before the exam as I developed the art of discovering the beauty even of the blades of a normal ceiling fan. When exam approaches, even Mayuri looks much better than Katrina! If you’re thinking the abnormal things now, be sure that you’re perfectly normal.
6. Why haven’t you yet switched off your loving mobile phone? For God’s sake stop receiving calls and let your competitors have some puffed rice with tomorrow’s ‘leaked’ question paper!
7. Gossip with your family members. Talk about the most irrelevant and funny issues on earth!
8. Eat less, keep your bowl pressure-free!
9. If it’s 10, it’s surely not for keeping your lovely eyes open! Sleep tight tonight, fight tighter tomorrow!
10. Can’t sleep? Nothing wrong with having a nerve relaxing tablet at least for tonight!
11. 8 hours over? Wake up! Wake up!! It’s your exam date! Maybe your life is going to rewrite itself right today!
12. Say your prayers, thank your creator. Prayer is always powerful. See or remember the faces of your parents. These are the most beautiful faces on earth. They’ve the magical power to soothe you.
13. Brush your teeth for other candidates. Have some light breakfast for avoiding বড় & ছোট বাথরুম during the exam. You’ll get your whole life for making shits! An exam is for the exam, not for producing shits and water.
14. Start for the exam hall keeping in your mind that you’ve to reach there at least half an hour early.
15. Exam hall. Answer script. Question paper. OK, now it’s time to fill in the right circles and write right in the right fields. Be careful. Check your set code at least thrice!
16. Never read the whole question paper. It’s just a waste of time. It doesn’t make the paper any easier.
17. Where to start from? No set rules, boss! Start from your comfort zone. I started from maths.
18. Maybe the silliest questions will confuse you the most!……. A 30th BCS Preliminary question: What’s the national fruit of Bangladesh? I answered: Mango…….. You don’t have to be an Einstein to make the silliest mistake in the exam hall.
19. While proceeding with your paper never give it a second thought to a seemingly tough/ confusing question at the first sight. Just mark them all, leave for the time being and just keep on moving to the next. Sometimes look at the wall clock. Your time is limited. Yes, give the marked questions a second thought when you’ve tried to attempt all the 200 questions.
20. Answer all, lose all. So, you’ve to decide very quickly what to answer and what to leave. Blind guessing will ruin you, intellectual guessing won’t. What’s intellectual guessing? Well. Let me explain it with an example: Leaving 6 confusing questions unanswered will bring you 0, attempting them and making 3 correct will bring you 1.5.
21. It’s surely a T20 match! The best attitude for any competitive exam I’ve ever learnt is: I’m the best! attitude. There’s no candidate in your exam hall better than you. No matter however the difficulty level of the question paper is, if only one candidate passes, it’ll be YOU! Please do believe it from your heart.
22. Always there will be stupids who get time to talk in the exam hall. Never be one of them.
23. Never overthink. Can’t you answer a difficult or a confusing question? It’s OK. That question was not set for you. The only value each question carries is just 1. There is nothing called a beautiful question. Never feel the urge of answering an alluring question.
24. I’m oversure! This is the correct answer!!…….. Sounds familiar? Huh? Yes, it’s a very common dialogue in any exam hall. Just listen to your own heart. Your exam is like your girlfriend. Manage it in your own style.
25. If it’s a tough question paper, it’s tough for all. If it’s an easy question paper, it’s easy for all. You’re not a VIP. The questions were not made difficult exclusively for you. OK?
26. Recheck that you’re filling in the right circles. Match the question serial and answer serial. Only knowing is not enough, you’ve to show that you know.
27. Be sure that a beautiful lady in the exam hall is not there to read the language of your eyes. Your question paper is the most gorgeous lady in the world to be attentive about.
28. Never regret if you make any silly mistake. No mistake is silly. A mistake is just a mistake. Even the candidate who would stand 1st in order of merit in the 38th BCS Exam will surely make at least 2 silly mistakes. I couldn’t answer the name of our national fruit correctly. Trust me, I know a mango never tasted, never tastes and will never taste like a jackfruit!
30. If you feel tired, stop for a few seconds and try to visualize how things would change dramatically when you can touch the rainbow of your dream or just imagine the smiling faces of your parents. It’ll work like a magic, I can bet!
31. Never trust the pundits who claim to score abnormally high. Pundits fail the most in the BCS exam. It’s always nice to see them fail. Hahahaha……….
It’s all about what you better do and you better not do till 12:00 pm.
Bangladesh Civil Service is waiting to welcome you! Good luck!!
Article: Sushanta Paul

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